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Below you find the complete REST API documentation. Sandbox is disabled, but enabled in your REST API documentation, which comes with every Jarves installation. Just log in to the administration and open

Object CRUD routes are not included here. Please open for object REST API description the object at the left side.

ACL Management

GET /jarves/user/acl

  • Gets all rules from given type and id

POST /jarves/user/acl

  • Saves the given rules


POST /jarves/admin/content/preview

  • Returns a renderer content element as preview for Jarves page editor

GET /jarves/admin/content/template

  • Returns a content template/view with placeholder for Jarves page editor.

POST /jarves/admin/login

  • Logs in a user to the current session

POST /jarves/admin/logout

  • Logs out a user from the current session

GET /jarves/admin/stream

  • Returns a stream value collection


GET /jarves/admin/backend/custom-js

  • Prints the javascript file content of $bundle and $code.

GET /jarves/admin/backend/script

  • Prints all JavaScript files combined

GET /jarves/admin/backend/settings

  • Returns a array with settings for the administration interface

GET /jarves/admin/backend/typescript-modules.ts

  • Prints all typscript modules combined

POST /jarves/admin/backend/user-settings

  • Saves user settings

Bundle Editor

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/basic

  • Returns the basic configuration. Usually in Resources/config/jarves.xml

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/basic

  • Saves the basic configuration. Usually in Resources/config/jarves.xml

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/config

  • Returns the composer config

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/config

  • Saves the composer config

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/docu

  • Returns the documentation. Usually in Resources/doc/

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/docu

  • Saves the documentation. Usually in Resources/doc/

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/entry-points

  • Returns entryPoints. Usually in Resources/config/jarves.entryPoints.xml

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/entry-points

  • Saves entryPoints. Usually in Resources/config/jarves.entryPoints.xml

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/model

  • Returns the content and full path of Propel's Resources/config/models.xml

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/model

  • Saves Propel's Resources/config/jarves.propel.schema.xml file

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/model/build

  • Builds all model files and updates their model schema

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/objects

  • Returns all objects. Usually in Resources/config/jarves.objects.xml

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/objects

  • Saves objects. Usually in Resources/config/jarves.objects.xml

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/plugins

  • Returns all defined plugins. Usually in Resources/config/jarves.plugins.xml

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/plugins

  • Saves plugins. Usually in Resources/config/jarves.plugins.xml

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/themes

  • Returns all defined themes. Usually in Resources/config/jarves.themes.xml

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/themes

  • Saves themes. Usually in Resources/config/jarves.themes.xml

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/window

  • Saves the php class definition into a php class

PUT /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/window

  • Creates a new CRUD object window class

Bundle/Package Manager

PUT /jarves/admin/system/bundle/manager

  • Creates a Symfony bundle

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/manager/activate

  • Activates a bundle in the AppKernel

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/manager/composer/install

  • Installs a composer package and (optional) activates its containing bundle

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/manager/composer/uninstall

  • Uninstalls a composer package and deactivates its containing bundle

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/manager/deactivate

  • Deactivates a bundle in the AppKernel

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/manager/info

  • Returns composer information for given package

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/manager/install

  • Uninstalls a bundle

File Manager

DELETE /jarves/admin/file

  • Removes a file or folder (recursively) in /web

GET /jarves/admin/file

  • Returns the content of the file. If $path is a directory it returns all containing files as array

PUT /jarves/admin/file

  • Creates a file in /web

GET /jarves/admin/file/content

  • Views the file content directly in the browser with a proper Content-Type and cache headers

POST /jarves/admin/file/content

  • Saves the file content

PUT /jarves/admin/file/dir

  • Creates a folder in /web

GET /jarves/admin/file/image

  • Displays a (complete) image (with cache-headers)

POST /jarves/admin/file/move

  • Moves a file in /web to $target in /web

POST /jarves/admin/file/paste

  • Moves or copies files in /web to $target in /web

GET /jarves/admin/file/preview

  • Displays a thumbnail/resized version of a image

GET /jarves/admin/file/single

  • Gets information about a single file

POST /jarves/admin/file/upload

  • Uploads a file to $path with $name as name

POST /jarves/admin/file/upload/prepare

  • Prepares a file upload process

Interface i18n

GET /jarves/admin/ui/language

  • Prints all language messages

GET /jarves/admin/ui/language-plural

  • Prints the language plural form

Language Editor

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/language

  • Returns all language messages + pluralCount and pluralForm

POST /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/language

  • Saves language messages

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/language/extract

  • Extracts all language messages in the given bundle

GET /jarves/admin/system/bundle/editor/language/overview

  • Gets a overview of translated messages

Object Browser

GET /jarves/admin/object

  • General single object item output

GET /jarves/admin/objects

  • General object item list output


GET /jarves/admin/system/tools/logs

  • Returns all stored log entries from the given request

GET /jarves/admin/system/tools/requests

  • Returns all stored log requests

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