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Objects jarves/user
Users (


Table system_user
CrudService jarves.crud.object_crud
Default selection
Blacklist selection password
Multi language false
Nested false


id (number) ID [primaryKey] [autoIncrement]

username (text) Username

authClass (text) Auth class

password (password) Password

activationKey (text)

email (text) Email

settings (properties)

widgets (properties)

activate (checkbox) Active account

logins (number)

lastLogin (number)

created (datetime)

modified (datetime)

groups (object) Group membership

firstName (text) First name

lastName (text) Last name

imagePath (file)

workspace (object) Auto Object Relation (jarves/user)


groups nToM -> jarves/group

workspace 1ToN -> jarves/workspace


Object jarves/user

DELETE /jarves/object/jarves/user/

  • Deletes multiple items at once

GET /jarves/object/jarves/user/

  • Returns JarvesBundle:user items with additional information

POST /jarves/object/jarves/user/

  • Adds a new JarvesBundle:user item

GET /jarves/object/jarves/user/:count

  • Returns JarvesBundle:user items count

POST /jarves/object/jarves/user/:multiple

  • Adds multiple JarvesBundle:user items #todo-doc

DELETE /jarves/object/jarves/user/{id}

  • Deletes a JarvesBundle:user item

GET /jarves/object/jarves/user/{id}

  • Returns a single JarvesBundle:user item

PATCH /jarves/object/jarves/user/{id}

  • Updates/Patches a JarvesBundle:user item

PUT /jarves/object/jarves/user/{id}

  • Updates a JarvesBundle:user item

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