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Objects jarves/node
Node (


Table system_node
CrudService jarves.crud.object_crud
Default selection type, title, alternativeTitle, urn, layout, visible, target, domain.domain, domain.theme, url
Blacklist selection None
Multi language false
Nested true


id (number) ID [primaryKey] [autoIncrement]

pid (number) Parent ID

domain (object) Domain ID

type (number) Type

title (text) Title

alternativeTitle (text) Page title

urn (text) URN

link (text) Link

target (text) Link target

visible (checkbox) Visible in navigation

accessDenied (checkbox) Access denied

For everyone. This removes the page from the navigation.

meta (text) Meta tags

forceHttps (checkbox) Force HTTPS

accessFrom (datetime)

accessTo (datetime)

accessRedirectTo (page)

accessNohidenavi (checkbox)

accessNeedVia (number)

accessFromGroups (text)

searchWords (text)

unsearchable (checkbox)

content (pageContents)

layout (layout)

theme (text)


domain nTo1 -> JarvesBundle/Domain

content 1ToN -> jarves/content


Object jarves/node

DELETE /jarves/object/jarves/node/

  • Deletes multiple items at once

GET /jarves/object/jarves/node/

  • Returns JarvesBundle:node items with additional information

POST /jarves/object/jarves/node/

  • Adds a new item (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/node/:branch

  • Returns all the root branch (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/node/:children-count

  • Returns a branch direct children count (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/node/:count

  • Returns JarvesBundle:node items count

POST /jarves/object/jarves/node/:multiple

  • Adds multiple JarvesBundle:node items #todo-doc

GET /jarves/object/jarves/node/:root

  • Returns the root item (for a scope) (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/node/:roots

  • Returns all roots items (nested set)

DELETE /jarves/object/jarves/node/{id}

  • Deletes a JarvesBundle:node item

GET /jarves/object/jarves/node/{id}

  • Returns a single JarvesBundle:node item

PATCH /jarves/object/jarves/node/{id}

  • Updates/Patches a JarvesBundle:node item

PUT /jarves/object/jarves/node/{id}

  • Updates a JarvesBundle:node item

GET /jarves/object/jarves/node/{id}/:branch

  • Returns a branch (nested set)

POST /jarves/object/jarves/node/{id}/:move

  • Moves a item (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/node/{id}/:parent

  • Returns the parent (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/node/{id}/:parents

  • Returns all parents (nested set)

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