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Objects jarves/entryPoint
EntryPoint (


CrudService jarves.crud.object_crud
Default selection
Blacklist selection None
Multi language false
Nested true


path (text) [primaryKey]

title (text)

type (text)


No relations available for this object.


Object jarves/entryPoint

DELETE /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/

  • Deletes multiple items at once

GET /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/

  • Returns JarvesBundle:entryPoint items with additional information

POST /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/

  • Adds a new item (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/:branch

  • Returns all the root branch (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/:children-count

  • Returns a branch direct children count (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/:count

  • Returns JarvesBundle:entryPoint items count

POST /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/:multiple

  • Adds multiple JarvesBundle:entryPoint items #todo-doc

GET /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/:root

  • Returns the root item (for a scope) (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/:roots

  • Returns all roots items (nested set)

DELETE /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/{path}

  • Deletes a JarvesBundle:entryPoint item

GET /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/{path}

  • Returns a single JarvesBundle:entryPoint item

PATCH /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/{path}

  • Updates/Patches a JarvesBundle:entryPoint item

PUT /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/{path}

  • Updates a JarvesBundle:entryPoint item

GET /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/{path}/:branch

  • Returns a branch (nested set)

POST /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/{path}/:move

  • Moves a item (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/{path}/:parent

  • Returns the parent (nested set)

GET /jarves/object/jarves/entryPoint/{path}/:parents

  • Returns all parents (nested set)

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