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Objects jarves/domain
Domain (


Table system_domain
CrudService jarves.crud.object_crud
Default selection domain, lang
Blacklist selection None
Multi language true
Nested false


id (number) ID [primaryKey] [autoIncrement]

domain* (text) Domain name

lang (lang) Language

master (checkbox) Language master

alias (text) Domain Aliases

A comma separated list of domain names.

redirect (text) Domain Redirects

A comma separated list of domain redirections.

startnode (object) Startpage

resourceCompression (checkbox) Resource compression

JS and CSS compression.

path* (text) Path

If your installation does not point to a domain name directly but is in a subfolder, then this is the name of this folder. Default /.

email (text) Email

If errors/exceptions appear the system prints this email to the user.

robots (textarea) robots.txt

The content of the robots.txt file for this domain.

favicon (file) Favicon path.

searchIndexKey (text)

themeProperties (properties)

sessionProperties (properties)

theme (theme) Theme

themeOptions (themeOptions) Theme Options

titleFormat (text) Title Format

Available placeholder: %title%

node (object) Auto Object Relation (JarvesBundle/Domain)


startnode nTo1 -> JarvesBundle:Node

node 1ToN -> jarves/node


Object jarves/domain

DELETE /jarves/object/jarves/domain/

  • Deletes multiple items at once

GET /jarves/object/jarves/domain/

  • Returns JarvesBundle:domain items with additional information

POST /jarves/object/jarves/domain/

  • Adds a new JarvesBundle:domain item

GET /jarves/object/jarves/domain/:count

  • Returns JarvesBundle:domain items count

POST /jarves/object/jarves/domain/:multiple

  • Adds multiple JarvesBundle:domain items #todo-doc

DELETE /jarves/object/jarves/domain/{id}

  • Deletes a JarvesBundle:domain item

GET /jarves/object/jarves/domain/{id}

  • Returns a single JarvesBundle:domain item

PATCH /jarves/object/jarves/domain/{id}

  • Updates/Patches a JarvesBundle:domain item

PUT /jarves/object/jarves/domain/{id}

  • Updates a JarvesBundle:domain item

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