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Form Fields Text
text (@jarves.field.types.text)

Very simple input type for text without newline.

Backend » Jarves\Admin\FieldTypes\TypeText
Frontend » @Jarves/admin/js/jarves/FieldTypes/Text.js


Please note that all fields have common options, that are not displayed on this page. Visit Fields Common Options List for more information.

Value modifier (text)

A pipe separated list of modifiers. Example: trim|ucfirst|camelcase.

Possible: trim, lower, ucfirst, lcfirst, phpfunction, phpclass, underscore, camelcase, dash, url

Redirect this value always (text)

Redirect this value always to another field (and overwrites it always).

Example: fieldName:modifier1|modifier2,fieldName2:modifier3

Redirect this value (text)

Redirect this value to another field with the same result as value.

Example: fieldName:modifier1|modifier2,fieldName2:modifier3

Use case: urlField:url (when the current field is a title for example)

Object changes

This field changes your object in one way or another. It can generate one or more model fields (for Propel mode called columns), new relations to other objects or even add new objects the field needs to work correctly.

Added Fields

Name PHP Type Storage Type
<fieldName> string VARCHAR(255)

Added Relations


Added Objects


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