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Content Types

Content types are in Javes types of different content structure that is rendered in the front end, in the actual website. This can be simple text, html, markdown, more sophicisticated content like image gallery.

The classical page content can be added into a page using the Jarves page editor (Administration > Pages, or Administraton > Nodes > Page > Tab 'Content'), with the website yaml format or using the Content (Jarves\Model\Content) model directly.

On the left navigation under "Content Types" you can see all available content types that come pre installed with Jarves. You can also add custom content types using the Content Type configuration.

In the Jarves page editor a user can add, move (drag'n'drop) and delete so called 'content elements' (which are instances of a content type).

Rich Text editing in the Jarves page editor:

Jarves Editor, Add Content

If a user presses on the little '+' sign at the place where a {% contents 1 %} was in the layout, it pops up following modal:

Jarves Editor, Add Content

Content types are rendered with the Jarves\ContentRender class. This is done automatically in the Jarves\PageResponse. However, if you want to use content types with its user interface also at your object, you can use the field type contentElements.

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