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Configuration ThemeLayout

Source » Jarves\Configuration\ThemeLayout.


  Attribute key:

    A key which is saved in the database for further access of this layout.

    Note: The file path is not directly stored anywhere, instead only this key is.

    @var string

  Attribute doctype:

    Allows to overwrite the default docType of PageResponse::$docType.

    Default is Jarves:Doctypes:html5.html.twig (Jarves/Resources/views/Doctypes/html5.html.twig)

    You should copy and paste the default and adjust it accordingly.

    @var string-->
<layout key="" doctype="">
  @var string-->
  File path to a view.

  Symfony paths recommended like "AppBundle:ControllerName:view.html.twig"

  @var string-->

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