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Jarves is a next generation CMS
based on Symfony and REST API using PHP 5.6+.

  • just a Symfony Bundle
  • RAD/CRUD framework
  • extremely fast
  • completely based on a REST API
  • very detailed permission system
  • inline-editing as its best
  • tablet optimized
  • open source


Modern User Interface

Clear and modern interface with best in class user experience in mind for you and your clients. Touch friendly compatibility for desktops and tablets.


Edit page contents live on your site with all styles and scripts applied. No hassle having multiple tabs.

Like Native App

Due to its AJAX technology and JSON REST-API it loads only the data it really needs and responses therefore pretty much instant on clicks at the user interface.


Drag and drop content and files directly from desktop into Jarves. Familiar and essential productivity boost.

Users & Permissions

Very detailed permission control offering comprehensive rules for any user or group accessing any object or REST point.


Vital dashboard delivers a quick overview over most important website data.

File Management

Integrated file, pages and media management offers rich feature set including renaming, cropping, resizing and rotating content. All one click away.

File Abstraction Layer

Support for external file systems like Dropbox, AWS S3 and more to come. Bundle extensibility allows implementing any further CDN or file provider.

Pages and Blogs

Organizing nested pages with navigations and blogs in place. Supporting custom URLs, timed content publishing and rich editing features like markdown.


Internationalization out of the box. Translate directly in the admin area or external po-Editor like


Flexible object types - no need to misuse and hack on existing fields. Add new fields with integrated bundle editor. Almost everything is extendible: from dashboard widgets, field/content types and REST entry points to plugins and more.

Symfony Bundles

Jarves is completely based on Symfony as a Bundle and is extend with further bundles. Creating new fields, customized objects or new managing causes Jarves to automatically create a redistributable Symfony Bundle which can be directly commited into VCS.

Template Engines

Jarves supports multiple template engines. Twig is preinstalled and used in our system templates. Install own template solutions even down to good old plain PHP files.

MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite

Jarves is completely based on a high-speed ORM supporting common RDBMS.

Front End High-Speed

Integrated cache support for APC, Memcache, Redis etc provides a high-speed rendering engine for almost any front end content.

Distributed Authentication and Sessions

Configure your session and authentification mechanism to custom storage backends or use Redis, Memcache and friends.


With support for distributed caching and master/slave database connections Jarves offers high scalability out of the box.


Integrate Jarves into existing applications using our full featured JSON REST-API. The REST Interface allows to modify and query all information in the system through a normalized and secure interface.

Asset compiler/minifier

Integrated scss/less support and js/css minifier stops suffering from external building routines. Jarves manages all that stuff automatically.


No more trouble with editing mistakes. All content is versioned and offers full editing history - one click away. - In planing

And More Features

There's more features and details coming. Follow us to stay updated.

Jarves - The Application Framework

Rapid Application Development through our integrated framework

The classical administration interface consists always of the same pattern. A listing view, edit and add view as well as some way of deleting data.

We provide you common classes, both for front end and backend (for REST and your website), to create those views in a snap. Not only that, we’re also providing you ways to define quick and easy ORM models, relations and constraints. Fighting with PHP, defining huge arrays with endless nesting and unknown index keys for configuration purposes is the past. If you don’t want to write PHP classes or XML configuration with your bare hands, no problem. We’re providing a very cool bundle editor for all those kinds of things: orm objects, rest entry points, CRUD views, frontend routes, translations, composer and much more!

You’re immediately after the installation efficient and more productive with building administration interfaces than ever before. This gives you more time to build the interesting and beautiful things.


Building websites these days means building REST-APIs, using ORMs, having a modern, fully responsive and tablet optimized interface for your clients. Jarves provides all those things and much more. Everything is available through our JSON REST-API, even front end data, at wish pre-rendered, for your single page website. You can use whatever ORM you’d like to use - pre installed is Propel ORM due its high speed capabilities.

Having Jarves means having freedom over your website. We do not force you to use a specific template engine, a front end library or a particular doctype - use whatever you like. Twig, Smarty, plain PHP or other. We do not inject somewhere HTML snippets behind your back. You can start with a completely blank page if you wish or use our several demo themes to get fast a first website working.

You want to customize the core? Do it the Symfony way. Extending Jarves means extending Symfony. We're using regular Symfony Bundles to extend the system - even Jarves itself is just a bundle. This means you don't have to learn a new unproven architecture and you are able to overwrite all templates and controllers as you are used to with Symfony.